The Future of Precision Antibody Discovery is Now

Geneious Biologics is a next-generation cloud software solution purpose-built for commercial antibody discovery and screening. Delivered through a modern, user-friendly web interface, Geneious Biologics leverages the power of ‘big data’ to help deliver lifesaving drugs of the future.

Realize Real Business Benefits with Geneious Biologics



Scale up quickly and efficiently with additional capacity delivered on demand



Pick winners and eliminate failures with real-time data consolidation and advanced analytics


Competitive Advantage

Innovate faster and beat competitors to the market with large scale computational analysis in the cloud



The right information at the right time with a unified, central database searchable across the organization



Access data wherever it resides by integrating multiple systems with sequence data



Work with and enhance existing systems with an advanced API and a highly configurable system

Apply the Power of Geneious Biologics to Your Antibody NGS Data


Analyze millions of NGS raw antibody sequences in seconds

Preview, annotate and compare NGS sequences with no manual intervention


Compare NGS datasets, plot germline diversity and region frequency

Inspect individual sequences in large datasets using Geneious’ intuitive sequence viewer


Spot high-level trends in large scale antibody NGS datasets

Accelerate precision antibody discovery

Enhance Your Workflow with Geneious Biologics

Extract Detailed Sequence Information

Visualize results with the powerful web-based sequence viewer

Automatically identify bad sequencing reads and out of frame regions

Cluster and run statistical analysis on defined regions


Screen and Investigate Results

Compare analysis results against sequence and assay information

Advanced filtering and query language allows quick and accurate identification of best performing antibodies

Add functional assay data to enhance the selection of high affinity binding antibodies


Upload and Manage Experiment Data

Direct upload from third-party data formats such as GenBank and Excel

Assign permissions for data sharing and collaboration across entire organization

Create primer sets and deploy search tools

Configure Experiments

Configure Experiments

Configure experiments for mAbs, scFv, VHH and other types of antibodies and antibody-like molecules

Validate for expected annotations

Add your own notes to describe sequence and clone data


Download to Geneious and Excel

Integrate with external systems for the export of antibody sequence data to the next stage of your workflow

Integrate seamlessly with Geneious

Download files and tables to Excel

Bicycle Therapeutics Prepares for an Accelerated Future

Bicycle Therapeutics has implemented Geneious Biologics to support its growth from innovative biotech start-up into a full-fledged, integrated pharmaceutical company.

“Often you have to shoehorn a software solution into your process, the adaptability of Geneious Biologics was something we liked a lot. Once we knew what we could do with Geneious Biologics there was no other viable option.”

Liuhong Chen, Ph.D., Discovery Biology Team Leader at Bicycle Therapeutics.